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Fall 2005 Spring 2005
President Regan Lin Diana Cheng
Vice President Eric Chang Regan Lin
Secretary None Charlie Kao
Treasurer Aaron Chen Hank Lai
Historian None Alex Guo
Public Relations Hank Lai Eric Chang
Webmaster Eric Chang Eric Chang
Academic Coordinator None Aaron Chen
Fall 2004 Spring 2004 Fall 2003
Head Organizer Diana Cheng Fang Hu Fang Hu
Vice Head Organizer None Diana Cheng Diana Cheng
Secretary Charlie Kao None Sophia Su
Treasurer Connie Lin Catherine Chen Catherine Chen
Historian Joyce Jeng Joyce Jeng Charlie Kao
Public Relations Sophia Su, Aaron Chen (intern) Sophia Su Connie Lin
Webmaster None Yeh Fang, Stephen Guo Stephen Guo

Spring 2003

Andy Chang and Fang Hu (Head Organizer)
Sophia Su
Charlene Twu
Diana Cheng
Catherine Chen

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