Daniel Correa Bucio

Hi, I am Daniel Correa Bucio, a first year Intended Integrated Biology and Intended Chicano Studies minor. My hometown is San Jose, California which is about an hour drive south from Berkeley. I love the bay and wish to spend most of my life here because there is no place like the bay. I joined CHE my first semester at Cal and I became a Networking Intern this semester. I am currently undecided in my career path, but I know that I want to be a part of the health field and fight discrepancies within the health field. I also want to be able to some day partner with the UN or Unicef and help bring health services to areas where they are scared and fight global health discrepancies. I am currently looking to surgery, dentistry, optometry or nursing as potential professions. What I love about CHE is the supportive community and exposure to all health field that it provides which will allow me to find my passions and continue on my career path.