David Sanchez

Hey y’all! My name is David, and I’m a third year majoring in Integrative Biology (Emphasis 2: Integrative Human Biology). I’m a born and raised San Fernando, CA native, and I love going back home for some SoCal sun. I will be the Historian Intern for this semester, and I can’t wait to meet y’all this semester. I’m really excited for the planning that’s going to go into the banquet in December and for capturing a lot of candid moments during events to make our Fall 2018 scrapbook. I have been a member of CHE since my freshman year, but this semester I decided to become more involved. I joined CHE because I didn’t really have an idea of what being pre-med at Berkeley meant or the necessary classes I would need to take, and I was so happy to find that there was an entire community of people who come from a background similar to mine and wanted to pursue a health-related career. I love the environment and family that CHE has and continues to provide, and I want to be a part of that for new CHEistas. I hope you have a great semester, and feel free to reach out if y’all have questions about navigating Berkeley, classes, or whatever it may be!