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Welcome to The Glass Onion. I'm not quite sure why you're here since you can't really be coming here to find any real content. Everything on this page is purely something placed here on a whim. I suppose that's a bit like me, so perhaps that's fitting.

Anyways, my personal website began as a little place where I experimented with HTML. However, I've given up on that hobby for the most part (hence the stark, boring look of this page at the moment). Instead I've decided to use my webpage as a place to put up personal opinions or thoughts in the unlikely event that anyone is interested. =)

My Current Thoughts


Rachel Corrie - She was murdered by an Israeli bulldozer driver while peacefully protesting the demolition of Palestinian homes. She wrote letters to her family explaining why she was putting her life at stake.

Links Pertaining to Me

Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel - This is the game we just finished developing at work. We made the gold master of the American NTSC version back at the end of September.... Due to the brilliance of the management at Interplay, it looks like we're going to miss the Christmas season. Wonderful that we busted our butts to get the game done in time for Christmas and deliver the game on time but we can't get it on shelves anyways.

My Warcraft 3 Stats Page - Pretty self explanatory. More than you ever wanted to know about my performace with each race or exactly how many hours I've spent on the game, etc. Here's my stats page for Frozen Throne.

My more bloggy blog - Not sure if I'll ever take up writing any blog regularly (more so than I do on this page anyways), but if I do, this is probably where I'll put it. I like the kuro5hin website quite a bit.

Miscellaneous Stuff I've Written

Here you'll find things that I've written about and found that I had quite a lot to say about the matter.

Who Do I Think I Am?!?! - (modified on 20 August 2001)
Where Did "The Glass Onion" Come From??? - (modified on 27 August 2001)
My Sister Candice - (in progress)(modified on 27 August 2001)
Photo Gallery - Just some random pictures I've taken with my digital camera.

Google Bombs I Like

Interesting Links

Distributed Proofreading - a great idea to help Project Gutenberg when you've got a few minutes. For those of you who don't know, Project Gutenberg is a non-profit effort to preserve public domain literary texts by storing them in a digital format (text files). Distributed Proofreading is an attempt to harness the people on the internet to help out this effort. Basically, what you end up doing is looking at a scanned version of a page of the book then fix up the results that were read in by optical character recognition (OCR) so that they match what's really written on the page and have some markup (a bit like HTML) to assist the computers. - A very good alternative browser suite that supports just about all operating systems. I use this and its derivatives exclusively. - This site is great, cuz just by visiting the page and clicking on a button you can help feed the hungry, fund breast cancer research, or save the rainforest. Worth a daily visit.

Google's ranking algorithm - This page is Google's own explanation of how their whole system works. The whole thing is pretty accurate actually if you don't take it too literally.

Here are some friends' webpages that I personally find quite interesting:
Theresa Chen
Jocelyn Chew
Lisa Ann Hale

Contact Info

I welcome rational debate and comments, so if something I've written has elicited a strong response from you, I would love to hear what you think. Since there are way too many spambots out there crawling around looking for e-mail addresses in order to sell them to spam advertisers, I'll write my e-mail address in human readable form: calin at myrealbox dot com.

This page was last modified on 29 June 2004.