Why We Should Abolish the Income Tax

A presentation and petition drive for an intitiative to abolish the California state income tax

Who do you trust more to spend your money on good things, yourself or a bunch of politicians? What's more equitable: letting a small elite divide up our money or letting everyone make their own spending decisions?

If you're tired of too much of your money going to government bureaucrats and special interest groups, join the club. It's about time that we did something about it.

The Libertarian Party extends to you this great offer: How would you like to never pay income tax as long as you live?

Does this sound like a fantasy? Well it's not. Other states such as Texas, Nevada, and New Hampshire make do without an income tax. The United States only adopted one at the beginning of this century (besides a brief period during the Civil War).

We can and should live without an income tax. Let's replace ineffective government programs with the choice and innovation of the private sector. We can have an economy with enough opportunity for everyone, if we just stop sending our money down the black hole of government.

Wednesday, March 4th at 7:00 P.M. in 206 Dwinelle Hall.

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