Fight Inequality Under the Law

NO on PROP 22

Proposition 22, supposedly written to "protect marriage" would not allow homosexual couples legally married from other states to be considered legally married here. Marriage is a personal commitment, and it's questionable why the state is in any way concerned with marriage. However, as long as the government recognizes marriage, there should be complete equality under the law, and no particular religious institution should manifest its beliefs in our laws. Only when we are all seen as equal in the eyes of the law can there be tolerance and acceptance of diversity in our society. This proposition undermines other states' decisions to ensure equality, though currently no states have been so bold as to legalize homosexual marriage.

Nothing threatens the sacred institution of marriage like a broad, oversimplified definition of it like "a union between one man and one woman." Governmental harassment and oppression of homosexual men and women must end.

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Last updated: 6 March 2000, Kevin Dempsey Peterson