Our Departments


CalTV News strives to deliver high-quality, informed, and accurate reporting on pertinent stories -- ranging in scale from campus to international -- for the UC Berkeley community. With world-class lecturers, professionals, and university guests at our fingertips, the news department aims to bring light to the community’s most pressing issues.


Welcome to CalTV Entertainment! In this department, you have the exciting experience of creating fun, interesting, light-hearted content for the entire student population and more! Re-create trending videos, or come up with never-been-done-before formats— it’s up to you. If you’re passionate about the entertainment and media industries, this is the place for you!


The Sports department allows students to broadcast in front of the camera as a reporter and to produce their videos, allowing flexibility in the different types of videos they choose to create. Students can produce highlight videos, post- game interviews, fan engagement videos, documentaries, and behind the hype videos. We hope to create nothing but exceptional content to best represent Cal Athletics, while making the players relatable and students familiar with the sports media industry.


CalTV Studios is our newly constructed department made specifically for creatives! If you have a story to tell, a subject you're passionate about, this is the place for you—if you can write it, we can find a way to produce it as a team.


CalTV’s Marketing Department aims to publish the organization’s content, increase viewership and keep the club’s branding fresh and consistent. The Marketing Department also organizes fundraisers, giveaways and socials for the organization and it’ members. Through the marketing department, students are able to learn the basics of social media/digital marketing by practicing these skills first-hand. They will also be able to gain real-world experience in the overall marketing field as we continue to maintain or reinvent the overall brand image of CalTV.


The department aims to educate potential video producers on the mechanics and thematics of video editing at both a micro and a macro level. New editors will start from the basics of post-production with Adobe Premiere Pro including, but not limited to, opening and beginning a project, editing video and audio clips in a timeline, adding and manipulating effects, organizing and structuring a narrative, and engaging and keeping viewer attention. Returning or otherwise experienced editors will begin working with more advanced effects and other programs including, but not limited to, 2D animation, green screening, color correction, audio balance, stabilization, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Audition.

Executive Directors

Carlos Eduardo Ortega

Executive Director

Thomas Mangloña II

Executive Director

Karine Titizian

Marketing Director

Ryan Salmasi

Outreach Director

Olivia Henderson

Director of Photography

Adriel Tan

Director of Photography