About Us

Cal Community Music is a group of student and alumni musicians dedicated to serving the local senior community through music. We perform at various nursing homes in Berkeley as well as host jam sessions and social events to provide a platform for musicians to meet and collaborate. We welcome musicians of all skill levels and music genres!

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There are no forms or requirements to become a member of CCM! We invite musicians of all skill levels and music genres to come to our events. Attendance is never mandatory; come when you're free!

To stay updated, join our mailing list or our Facebook group to receive weekly updates about upcoming club events and to connect with other CCM musicians.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do jam sessions and concerts work?
A: Every weekend, CCM holds a two-hour jam session for members to meet and practice followed by a one-hour concert every other week at a local senior home here in Berkeley. Jam sessions are held on the bottom floor of Morisson Hall (unless noted otherwise), which have several practice rooms for small ensembles or individuals to practice and a bigger lounge for larger groups. After the jam session, those attending the concert meet outside of Morrison Hall with the club officers and you will either walk or bus together to that week's nursing home (so bring your Class Pass just in case!). At the concert, you can play as many songs as you'd like for the residents (as long as everyone else gets a chance to play) and will get to chat with the seniors afterward!

Q: Are instruments provided?
A: Our club currently owns one viola and one cajon, as well as a microphone, 4-channel mixer, and speaker. If any of these interests you, please contact us so that we can bring them to jam. Otherwise, you must bring your own instrument(s). Our jam session and concert locations always have at least one piano, however, so fret not if you are a pianist!

Q: How do I form an ensemble?
A: There are many ways to meet other musicians in the club. You can either come out to our weekly jam sessions and meet other club members face to face, or make a post in our Facebook group! Our club socials are also an awesome way to meet other musicians. You can join our mailing list to learn about upcoming socials.

Q: Do you give music lessons?
A: Our club does not officially give music lessons. Some individual members, however, may be willing to help you if you ask nicely! Feel free to ask around on our Facebook group.

Contact Us

Questions? Comments? E-mail us at calcommunitymusic@gmail.com.