Virtual Tribunal of the Special Court for Sierra Leone

Joint Project between UC Berkeley War Crimes Studies Center and Department of Computer Science

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News and Updates

February 11, 2008

The design of the project interface for the Virtual Tribunal of the SCSL has been completed. The implementation of the technology for the site is still in question as the center is in the process of obtaining grants and project partners. The center is currently applying for grants from private organizations and foundations in the Bay Area.

September 2007

Link to the article by Subhransu Maji on the Virtual Tribunal of SCSL:

Fast Automatic Alignment of Video and Text for Search/Names and Faces





The Virtual Tribunal for Sierra Leone

Professor David Cohen, Director of the Berkeley War Crimes Studies Center (WCSC), and Professor Ruzena Bajcsy of the Department of Computer Science are currently partnering on an interdisciplinary project that brings together cutting-edge Berkeley research in computer science, humanities, and human rights.

The Virtual Tribunal provides a modular rich media educational tool for preserving the legacy of the Special Court in a way that will enhance the Special Court’s historical, educational, and cultural potential to educate in Sierra Leone and around the world.  It brings cutting-edge information technology to bear on what has previously been conceived as a largely archival function of preserving the documentary record of ad hoc courts and tribunals.  The Virtual Tribunal will breathe life into the historical record of the Special Court for generations to come through its unique integration of archival materials, videos of the trials, photographs, hundreds of hours of interviews with participants and Sierra Leoneans, expert commentary and analysis, and three-dimensional imagery.

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