UC Berkeley Hankido

Counterthrow Form

The counterthrow form is an advanced 7-step throws and counterthrows form
taught at UC Berkeley by Dr. Ken Min. The following is meant to be
a reference only.

used with permission

Hori t' wigi

Spring Hip
Hane goshi

Skip in, L roundhouse
R front kick
R front punch

R out-to-in sweep


Hori hurigi

Sweeping Hip
Harai goshi

R low roundhouse
R two step side
R front punch

Block (handcheck)
Turn, sweeping hip


Hori chaegi

"Lift pull" hip throw
Tsuri komi goshi

R front kick
L turning back
R front punch

Side sacrifice


Opho ch'igi

One arm shoulder
Ippon seoi nage

R low scoop kick
L front kick
R front punch

Side choke
Back scissors throw


Ttwi'o ch'igi

Floating Drop
Uki otoshi

R In-Out Ax kick
L jump spin-heel kick
R front punch


Okkae-ro mae chigi

Shoulder Wheel Throw
Kata guruma

Jump R front and L roundhouse kick
R front punch

Stomach throw


Pit tanggyo ch'igi

Forward body drop
Tai otoshi

R low spin kick
R front kick
R front punch

L major outer reap