The Norse Mystara Campaign
A brief summary of the campaign from Thyatian years 1007 to 1010.

Major spoiler, not for players in this campaign:
Tessarael's bitter tale, in the Serraine jail cell. Covers Thyatian years 1010 to 1012.

Major spoiler, not for players in other Mystara campaigns:
Tessarael's Notebook, a detailed summary of events, NPC and PC characters, history, the Alphatian Home System, religious information, magical information and conclusions from this. Covers Thyatian years 1012 to 1014.
Written by Tessarael, in Heldanic and Alphatian, for his fellow party members in the Norse Campaign.

Glenn's list of NPCs
Glenn's list of deities that we know of in Mystara. The "ten thousand rabbits" under Azca refers to numerous minor deities. The Heldannic Knights worship Vanya. Sindhi deities Parjana and Parjani are similar to Frey and Freyja; Gharal is similar to Garal Glitterlode (god of Gnomes).

Who is Tessarael?
An attempt (by me) at drawing Tessarael.
An amusing insight into Tess' paranoia.

Major spoiler, not for players in this campaign:
Lest we forget. Background and various other nick nacks on Tessrael. For Glenn and myself.

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