Membership Education Committee

Randall Belyea

Membership Education Chair

Welcome to the Membership Education Committee!

Hey! My name is Randall Belyea, and I am your 2017-18 Membership Education Chair! I am a second year double majoring in Political Science and Theater and Performance Studies, and am always super eager to talk about both. I love food, dance, music, dogs, and getting to know friends like you; feel free to message or talk to me whenever!

The Membership Recognition and Education Committee aims to build a bond between you and an older member in the club through the mentor-mentee system. We provide multiple workshops that provide additional knowledge to members about CKI related things or being a student at UC Berkeley in general. In addition, Membership Recognition works on prizes for members who have shown great involvement in our three tenants: service, leadership, and fellowship. We work together to make CKI an enjoyable to you as possible and potentially, your community here at UC Berkeley!

Questions? Comments? Suggestions?

Let me know in person or send me an email!