Public Relations Committee

Ellen Chang

Public Relations Chair

Welcome to Public Relations!

Hi hello there! I'm Ellen, your 2017-2018 Public Relations Chair, currently a sophomore and an intended Cognitive Science major & Music minor! I typically enjoy doing anything music related like playing/learning instruments, singing, dancing (well I try haha), and KARAOKE I am ALWAYS down for karaoke. I'm also a huge enthusiast when it comes to movies, cute doggos, wholesome hangouts, and COMMUNITY SERVICE OF COURSE so please hit me up whenever (unless it's finals week lol) for movie recommendations or just to talk & I'LL SEE YOU AT CIRCLE K EVENTS! :D

Public Relation's goal is to preserve UC Berkeley Circle K's strength, publicity, and image-- in other words we try to promote our club and maintain a presence throughout the year! We do this by tabling everyday on Sproul and at events such as Cal Day and Calapalooza. We also sell merchandise such as CKI decals(the sticker not the class) and lanyards!

If you're interested in helping promote our club with your club spirit or have any ideas on what we should do to improve and strengthen our image, come by to the PR committee meetings!

Questions? Comments? Suggestions?

Let me know in person or send me an email!