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I study Political Science, Linguistics, and Mandarin at UC Berkeley. I travel, hike, run, cook, and go on lots of food adventures in my spare time, I'm an actual legit "foodie" although I don't like that term. If you want some no-nonsense life advice or adventures do not hesitate to come to me I guess, we can get stuff figured out on the real and life will be chill.

Circle K International is a service-based organization, and the projects committee is one of the many essential parts of the club that helps achieve our tenet of service! This committee focuses primarily on service to the immediate local communities in Berkeley and sometimes Oakland. As a committee, we are in charge of the continuous service projects our club does on a monthly basis such as Start with a Story, St. Mark’s Soup Kitchen, Chaparral House, and many more. This committee is led by me, the continuous projects coordinator, whom is the liaison in communications between the club and local organizations that host these service projects. At committee meetings, we will be planning for several service projects, reflecting on how we can improve them, and planning and assisting with the tabletop service projects introduced at General Meetings! This committee is absolutely open to anyone who has a passion for service, so come join us at our weekly meetings!

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