Technology Committee

Tiffany Nguyen

Technology Chair

Welcome to the Technology Committee!

Hellooo!! I'm Tiffany, your Technology Chair! I'm a second year studying Computer Science from Orange County, CA, and I really miss the beach. I can type the alphabet backwards with my eyes closed, and if you'd like I can teach you too! I love grocery shopping and running errands, so if you ever need a friend to do trivial day-to-day tasks with, I'm your girl 😉

The Technology Committee spends most of our time and resources on developing and updating this website. As the webmaster, I'm responsible for implementing the design you see here and managing the website's backend, which includes managing the club's administrative data (like keeping track of active members and service hours). Our committee aims to make our administrative tasks easier and to improve our online image through innovative ideas for the web.

Questions? Comments? Suggestions?

Let me know in person or send me an email!