Continuous Projects Spotlight

Loaves and Fishes

As volunteers, we strive to take care of our community through service. Loaves and Fishes provides us with that opportunity to help our homeless community by coming together with other organizations to host a soup kitchen at a local church by Unit 2 Dorms. The earlier shifts consist of coming together to prepare the dining room and help cook the large dinner for the guests to eat in the evening. During the dinner shift, we assist the staff with serving the food and clearing tables throughout the event. We also provide an amiable atmosphere as table hosts by having the chance to converse and eat with the guests as well. It’s a privilege to be able to hear funny, heartwarming, and even inspiring stories from those who have struggled much but have learned even more. Loaves and fishes is one of our most unique events because we get to experience all aspects of planning the dinner, interacting with the guests as hosts and servers, and cleaning up all in one day!

Ana Chavez, Member

St. Mark's Soup Kitchen

Have you ever wanted to help out community members who are in need of company and a great meal? Every third Saturday of every month, we volunteer at St. Marks, a church right across the RSF. During the first shift, we help prepare the meal for the community members. With setting up the food and helping to lay out the tables, we help prepare for shift two. During shift two, we serve the appetizers and the entrees for the community members. By serving both food and drinks, we are able to positively impact the well-being of the people in need of Berkeley. Not only do we provide dinner, but we also are able to sit down and converse with the people we are serving. Preparing and making food as well as speaking to community members is a very rewarding experience and we hope to see you come out to one of the shifts!

Andrea Seet, Member

Start with a Story

On every 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month, our club goes out to the Glenn Dyer detention facility in Oakland for Start with a Story in order to encourage literacy in young children and teens. As they wait in the waiting area, they have the opportunity to walk over to our book rack and check out any books we have; we have all sorts of books for a wide range of ages and interests, including picture books, books on sports, books on animals, chapter books, and more! Every child or teen who visits us when we are volunteering are allowed to take one book home for free, or they can ask one of us to read a book out loud to them while they are waiting. Every time we go, children are always excited to find us pulling the book rack from the storage area to the waiting area! Parents also show their gratitude to us and appreciate the opportunity to get free books for their children to read at home. So, if you love books, like working with children, and want to promote child literacy, you should sign up for Start with a Story on the website calendar!

Java Villano, Treasurer

Hands on Science

Hands on Science is a bimonthly service project that involves teaching students at Le Conte Elementary School cool science experiments! Every week before the event, we brainstorm and prepare a science experiment to do for the week. Then, on every other Friday, we perform the experiments with the kids and explain the "magic" to them. The best part is that regardless of whether or not science is your cup of tea, you can learn a thing or two with the kids every time you go! Hands on Science is a great way to get kids interested in learning more about science. If you're interested in teaching kids about science, check out Hands on Science and sign up on the calendar!

Shaira Santos, Member

Chaparral House

Chaparral house was my first event as a Circle K member so it'll always have a special place in my heart! It is always nice being able to talk to the residents there and making arts and crafts for them. I really enjoy hearing about their experiences and they are always also interested in leading about us.

Annie Chen, Secretary

Service In

Hello, thank you for your interest in Kiwanis Service In. Once a month, we engage in tabletop service projects at the home of one of the Berkeley Kiwanians. This event is primarily centered around "Project ReServe" in which we cut rejected tennis balls we receive to make chair slippers in classrooms, to reduce the noise made when students move their chairs, to make a better learning environment. Besides that, we also sew together PTP dolls to give to kids in hospitals or make jam to sell for fundraisers. Besides doing relaxing service projects, we also eat a home cooked meal put together by the Kiwanians. School can get rough and stressful, but I feel a warm, filling meal of macaroni and cheese can certainly lift your spirits up to continue on. Worried about feeling awkward? Fear not, because these chill service projects leaves room for many conversations and opportunities to meet new people. All in all, I hope you consider going to this fun event. You'll leave feeling content in your heart, knowing your effort went to the benefit of children and in your stomach, after eating that delicious home cooked meal.

Manny Ilasco, Administrative Vice President