New Lab Photos

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Inside Lab

Each desk has power under the cover (already hooked up). No networking yet.

From left-to-right: B&G office, storage room, server room.

Very unfortunately, B&G can get into our lab (it's not locked on that side, but instead on our side).

It's not an emergency exit but they think there are reasons we cannot have that door locked. I suggested a loud siren and large warning signs if it must remain unlocked, but it's an open question. They seemed sympathetic and maybe we can make something happen.

Table to set printers (and maybe supplies?)

Awkwardly-placed pillar in the middle of the lab. There's just enough space to squeeze through.

The windows face an internal hallway.

We can actually see the outside via a door. Might be a security concern.

Pubs Desk

Server Room

Tiny closet in the left corner.

AC in the server room

Lab, server room, and storage room are all card-key and can have separate ACLs.

Storage Room

From Outside Hallway

There are two doors. The one on the left is card-keyed (i.e. entrance). The one on the right can be propped open if we desire.

Room 171