Morphometric functions

Maybe some people who use Julien Claude functions from his book "Morphometric with R", find it hard to pass from the tps format used in James Rolhf series of software (TPSdig, TPSrelw,) or the series of software used in IMP series from Mirriam Zeldich et al. book "Geometric morphometric for biologist". That was my problem and I wrote and modified a series of functions to pass from one file format to another. Because I spent time doing that, I decided to share these codes with others, so maybe some other people do not waste time. However, I do not have the pretention to say they are perfect codes, they just do the job (I think). Now if you want to improve them, feel free. Also do not hesitate to contact me if you encounter problems with these codes or if you do not understand something, I will do my best to help you with the problems.

So here is the list of function I wrote:

read.tps: This function is used to turn a tps file created, for example, with TPSdig into an array formatted to get in functions wrote by Julien Claude in his book

read.nts: This function is used to turn a nts file into a matrix. This is just a test and this function is still in development.

IMP.transf: this function is used to transform an array such as the ones used in Julien Claude book and created with the function "read.tps" into an IMP type of format. Basically it becomes a matrix with coordinates in each column (X1, Y1, X2, Y2, Centroid size) and specimen in each row

read.IMP: use this function if you want to load a IMP type of format that you might have created in excel or with coord.gen into an array as in Julien Claude book or as the one created with the read.tps function. The file needs to be in the format (X1, Y1, X2, Y2, X3,. Centroid.size)

write.tps: this function is used to save an array such as the ones created with the function read.tps, into a tps file that can be read by all software from the tps series such as TPSrelw or TPSdig