Cultural Analysis: An Interdisciplinary Forum on Folklore and Popular Culture

Call for Papers: Pandemic & Politics Issue

Theme: Hindsight 2020

During the New Year transition, we are still amid the COVID-19 Pandemic facing times of profound uncertainty. While the pandemic continues to be the epicenter and catalyst for worldwide change, the year 2020 itself has developed a distinct mnemonic temporality. It was a year of unprecedented political unrest, isolation, virtuality. However, 2020 is also rapidly transitioning from lived reality to collective, cultural and social memory. How have our disciplines, our fieldwork, our institutions and our relationships been altered by this marked year of fundamental revisioning?

What kind of folklore has emerged, intervened, and shaped perceptions of 2020? What vernacular modalities have come about to make sense of these times of unrest?

Cultural Analysis is interested in hearing from various perspectives internationally and at the boundaries of our disciplines as we have all navigated the challenges of this past year.

While we will consider a broad range of topics/submissions, the following items offer a few prompts

  • Fact-checking and narrative formations

  • Movements, Identity and Group Solidarity

  • Social Memory and Competing Voices

  • Citizen Protests and Social Justice

  • Masks, Anti-Mask, and Cultural Signification

  • New/Hybrid (Remote) Occupational Folklore

  • 2020 Internet Folklore

  • Vernacular Expressive Responses

  • Conspiracy Theories

  • DIY Health rumors

  • Impact on Heritage Festivals

  • Transnational cultural flow and stagnation

  • Zoom Lore and Communications

  • Remote Festivals and the Organizing of Nonlocality

  • Disruption and Continuity of Traditional gatherings

  • Emergent Narratives of 2020

  • The role of folkloristics and ethnology in pandemic studies

  • Homebound Performance Culture

  • Foodways during the Pandemic

  • Online and Remote Religious Performances

Submission Formats

Notes & Reports (2,000-3,000 words): Fieldwork notes, Conference Reports
Research/Theoretical Article (10,000 words): Featuring 1-2 Transdisciplinary Responses
Critical Reflective Essays (5,000 words)

Deadline for Abstract Submissions: March 31, 2021 (notification of acceptance mid-April)
Full article submission due: June 1
Peer-reviews due: July 31
Revisions due: Mid-Sept
Copy-editing / Production: End-Nov

Please see our submission guidelines.