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VOLUME 15.1 2016


Anthony Bak Buccitelli and Casey R. Schmitt
Everyday Practice and Tradition: New Directions for Practice Theory in Ethnology and Folkloristics


Simon J. Bronner
Toward a Definition of Folklore in Practice

Matthias Klückmann
Practicing Community: Outline of a Praxeological Approach to the Feeling of We-ness

Rachel V. González-Martin
Digitizing Cultural Economies: 'Personalization' and U.S. Quinceañera Practice Online

Anthony Bak Buccitelli
Hybrid Tactics and Locative Legends: Re-reading de Certeau for the Future of Folkloristics

Roma Chatterji
Repetition, Improvisation, Tradition: Deleuzean Themes in the Folk Art of Bengal

Casey R. Schmitt
The Tactical Trail: Sense of Place and Place of Practice

Harris M. Berger and Giovanna P. Del Negro
Reasonable Suspicion: Folklore, Practice, and the Reproduction of Institutions


Maria Schwertl
"We have a situation here!": On Enactment as a Middle Ground between Practice and Performance

Monique Scheer
Making Experiences in the Digital Era

Image Acknowledgements: 1st Row, Right to Left: Portrait: K.Oliver, Laden Scroll: Chitrakar/Chatterji; Young Woman Walking: A. Buccitelli; Tactical Trail: C. Schmitt. 2nd Row: Paper Cut Artist: A. Buccitelli; Laden Scroll: Chitrakar/Chatterji; Laden Scroll: Chitrakar/Chatterji; Quinceañera. Santa Fe: Christopher Prentiss Michel (CC2 License). 3rd Row: Laden Scroll: Chitrakar/Chatterji; Family Rock: M. Crowder.