Cultural Analysis: An Interdisciplinary Forum on Folklore and Popular Culture

Volume 2, 2001
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Mwenda Ntarangwi, St. Lawrence University, Nairobi, Kenya:
A Socio-Historical and Contextual Analysis of Popular Musical Performance Among the Swahili of Mombasa, Kenya
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Response: Laura Fair, University of Oregon, USA
Response: Katwiwa Mule, Smith College, Massachusetts, USA

D. R. Elder, Ohio State University, USA:
"Es Sind Zween Weg": Singing Amish Children into the Faith Community
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Response: Terry E. Miller, Kent State University, Ohio, USA
Response: Daniel Varisco, Hofstra University, New York, USA

Maria-Laura Cavalcanti, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil:
The Amazonian Ox Dance Festival: An Anthropological Account
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Response: Jeffrey G. Snodgrass, Colorado State University, USA
Response: Franciso Vaz da Silva, University of Lisbon, Portugal

Iveta Todorova-Pirgova, Down Jersey Folklife Center, USA:
Symbols and Images of "Evil" in Student Protests in Sofia, 1997
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Response: Daniela Ivanova, New Bulgarian University, Bulgaria
Response: Pauline Tuttle, University of Washington, USA


Erika Brady, Western Kentucky University, USA
Response to:
The Pleasures of the Ear: Toward an Ethnography of Listening
Regina Bendix, University of Pennsylvania, USA
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Jody Ranck, Independent Scholar
Imagenation. Popular Images of Genetics (Van Dijck)
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Véronique Campion-Vincent, Maison des Sciences de l'Homme, Paris, France
La mort en direct. Les snuff movies [Death "Live". Snuff Movies] (Finger)
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Ulf Palmenfelt, University of California, Berkeley, USA
Folklore, Heritage Politics and Ethnic Diversity. A Festschrift for Barbro Klein (Anttonen, ed.)
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Jennifer Watanabe, University of California, Davis, USA
Spectacular Nature: Corporate Culture and the Sea World Experience (Davis)
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John Lindow, University of California, Berkeley, USA
Sami Folkloristics (Pentikäinen, ed.)
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Jessie Lawson, University of Missouri, Columbia, USA
Difficult Reputations: Collective Memories of the Evil, Inept, and Controversial (Fine)
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