Volume 8

Aiko Yamashiro
Ethics in Song: Becoming Kamaʻāina in Hapa-Haole Music
Response: Donald Brenneis

Mu Li
Criticising Local Politics, Rejecting Western Cultural Intrusion: A Study of Sanlu Dairy Online Jokes
Responses: Larisa Fialkova, Gunnella Thorgeirsdottir

Ahmed Al-Rawi
The Mythical Ghoul in Arabic Culture
Responses: Aref Abu-Rabia, Amira El-Zein

Donna Varga
Gifting the Bear and a Nostalgic Desire for Childhood Innocence
Responses: Daniel Thomas Cook, Jacqueline Fulmer

Reviews by Alisha Eastep, Elaine Yau, Sean O'Neil, Jeffrey S. Debies-Carl, and Eric O'Connell

A. "Aunt Zhang! Did you hear that Sanlu milk is not safe, but contaminated? Do you still have some?"
B: "I just realized this. I have three more cartons! I won't feed my children with this milk anymore. I'll feed it as breakfast to my mother-in law instead!"

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