What is the Weekly FMC?

The Weekly FMC was made for the SpeedSolving.com web forums so that fewest moves enthusiasts can regularly compete with others and share solutions to the same scramble in order to learn from each other. Click the scramble to submit a solution!

Although it is not required to submit a solution, creating an account will let the Weekly FMC record your results into a profile and provide you with statistics. The leaders board lists all time shortest solutions along with the users with the lowest average move count and highest total score.

So what are you waiting for? Submit a solution to this week's scramble.

How do I learn more about FMC?

The SpeedSolving Wiki has a good description and collection of links about FMC. I recommend checking out Sebastiano Tronto's extremely comprehensive FMC Tutorial and this post by Arnaud van Galen. Finally, the FMC thread is the best place to go to share FMC attempts and get advice on techniques. Just make sure to search for an answer to your question before posting because it probably has been answered before.