Projective Set

Match sets by selecting a group of cards that has an even (0,2,4,6) number of each color dot. For example, the following is a set.

Simplify the cards on the table by reducing cards that are similar

By canceling the similar colors, the two cards on the left yield a single green dot. A green dot can also be found by combining the two right cards. Because two green dots is a set, it is now trivial to see that 4 cards create a valid set.

When there are less cards left in the deck than the set you have found, you have won the game!

Tips and tricks:

  • If there is a color that only appears on one card, that card can be ruled out of the current set
  • If there is a color that appears on exactly two cards, then either both or neither of the cards must be in the current set so the cards can be combined
  • The last set is selected for you automatically because the final cards are always a valid set

Good luck!

Choose a custom amount of dots (3-20):
Congratulations! You found all the sets.
{{deck.length}} cards left in deck.

Completed sets: