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The Review Project, hosted by the CHSN Tech Club, promotes the development and propagation of study material. Review reports are some of its finest works.

The most comprehensive review reports are Calculus Review, Precalculus Review, Trigonometry Review, Physics Mechanical Review, and Health Review. The high-quality review reports are currently 87 pages long with nearly 17,000 words, many formulas/equations, and several diagrams.

The Project strongly advise you to contribute. Writing study material takes time, time saved by you as the user.

For more information on the Project, including contributing, please contact the Project’s maintainer (currently Club President Dara Adib).

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This project was inspired by the CHSN AP World History wiki that was developed by Dara Adib during the 2006-2007 academic year. The wiki has since merged with the Review Project and is now defunct.