Renuka Garg

Meet our very own Christmas queen, Renuka Garg! Optimistic and clumsy, she’s one of our two co-music managers! She’s a double major in Economics and Statistics, minoring in Human Rights (clearly the busy bee).
Training: No formal training
Fun facts: She can look like an angry fish, and do the splits!
Before Cal: San Jose, CA
Class of 2020

Shevya Awasthi

Meet our resident Rick & Morty expert, Shevya Awasthi! She’s studying immunology, and is one of the smiliest people on the team!
Training: Hindustani Classical, choir
Fun facts: She can wiggle her ears, and she’s been stung by a mosquito on both eyelids at the same time (ouch)! [in love with Doyel Das 8/26/17]
Before Cal: San Diego, CA
Class of 2020

Doyel Das

Introducing our very own future doctor and Shreya Ghoshal, Doyel Das! At Cal, she’s studying Neuroscience!
Training: Hindustani, Jazz, Choir
Fun Facts: She can eat thai food for the rest of her life, and she loves horror movies! [in love with Shevya Awasthi 8/26/17]
Before Cal: Dallas, TX
Class of 2020

Shefali Das

Meet our creative and outgoing Marketing Manager, Shefali Das! At Cal, she’s double majoring in Political Economy and African American Studies, with a minor in Public Policy! Outside of Dil Se, she plays piano and percussion.
Training: Blues/Pop/Jazz Vocals
Fun Facts: She loves hot chocolate and tea (could sustain herself off of these two drinks for life), and she loves super intense puzzles.
Before Cal: Randolph, NJ
Class of 2021

Dhanya Jayagopal

NEWBIE ALERT: Meet the adventurous and studious Dhanya Jayagopal! At Cal, she is studying Computer Science!
Training: Carnatic Classical
Fun Facts: She is obsessed with Hot Cheetos (beyond any obsession we’ve seen before), and she can sleep pretty much whenever and wherever (a true gift)!
Before Cal: Cupertino, CA
Class of 2021

Geeta Shankar

NEWBIE ALERT: Meet the bubbly and optimistic Geeta Shankar! At Cal, she studies Data Science! Outside of Dil Se, she plays the Veena!
Training: Carnatic Classical; (Berkelee College Specialist Certification in Voicemanship, Berkelee College Masters Certification in General Music Studies).
Fun Facts: When she was 12 years old, Pandit Ravi Shankar heard her Carnatic concert in Cleveland, and he and his wife sent her blessings over a phone call! In 12th grade, her high school acapella team (The Sexy Pitches) performed the National Anthem at a Warriors game!
Before Cal: Fremont, CA
Class of 2022

Ananya Raghavan

NEWBIE ALERT: Meet the compassionate and incredibly sassy Ananya Raghavan! At Cal, she is studying Society and Environment, in the College of Natural Resources! Outside of Dil Se, she plays the Violin (both Carnatic and Western)!
Training: Carnatic Classical
Fun Facts: A leopard ran away from her in South Africa (may or may not be because he heard her laugh), and she’s been vegan for 5 years (and she’s heard every joke in the book about it)!
Before Cal: Cerritos, CA
Class of 2022

Omkar Shanbhag

Meet our hyper team comedian, Omkar Shanbhag! At Cal, he studies Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS).
Training: Hindustani Classical
Fun Facts: He lived in Goa, and he loves chicken!
Before Cal: San Jose, CA
Class of 2020

Shankara Srikantan

Meet our insatiable and sporty co-Music Manager, Shankara Srikantan! At Cal, he’s studying Computer Science and Economics! Outside of Dil Se, he plays Violin (both Western & Carnatic)!
Training: Carnatic Classical
Fun Facts: He loves atonal music and fruit! He eats about 3+ apples/day (keeps all the doctors away)!
Before Cal: Cupertino, CA
Class of 2021

Vaibhav Pabreja (AKA: vp, paps)

NEWBIE ALERT: Meet the goofiest and most friendly/approachable newbie, Vaibhav Pabreja! At Cal, he’s double majoring in Computer Science and Cognitive Science, with a minor in Music! (another busy bee)! Outside of classes and Dil Se, he plays guitar and piano!
Training: Musical Theater
Fun Facts: He rides a camel to school (he wishes), and he has a gold plated car (he also wishes; out of state tuition is rough).
Before Cal: Dubai
Class of 2021

Neal Sharma

NEWBIE ALERT: Meet the funny and smart Neal Sharma! At Cal, he’s studying Bioengineering! Outside of Dil Se, he plays Carnatic Violin!
Training: Carnatic Classical, Choir, High School Acapella
Fun Facts: He likes the movie “Me Before You,’ and he loves sleep, but sadly doesn’t get any (go bears).
Before Cal: Irvine, CA
Class of 2022

Shaan Patel

Meet our resident pun-maker, Business and Finance Manager, Shaan Patel! At Cal, he studies Applied Mathematics and Economics. Besides singing with Dil Se, he plays piano, clarinet, alto saxophone, and guitar!
Training: Musical Theater
Fun Facts: He’s been in 4 commercials, and he can make a four-leaf clover with his tongue!
Before Cal: Skillman, NJ
Class of 2020

Vishnu Dharmaraj

Meet our resident Spongebob EXPERT, the genuine and savage Vishnu Dharmaraj! At Cal, he is studying Chemical Engineering! Outside of Dil Se, he plays Viola!
Training: Carnatic Classical
Fun Facts: He can’t dance for his life, and Mayonnaise is not an instrument.
Before Cal: North Potomac, MD
Class of 2019

Skanthan Subramanian

NEWBIE ALERT: Meet our hilarious and calculated bass, Skanthan Subramanian! At Cal, he’s studying Industrial Engineering and Operations Research!
Training: Carnatic Classical, Musical Theater, Choir
Fun Facts: He was peed on by a tiger, and you can usually find him drinking out of a pug shaped mug!
Before Cal: Cincinnati & San Jose, CA
Class of 2022

Sharan Raghavan

NEWBIE ALERT: Meet Dil Se’s super considerate cookie-supplier (usually, chocolate chip, sometimes, he brings brownies too) Sharan Raghavan! At Cal, he’s studying Chemical Engineering! Outside of Dil Se, he plays Mridangam and Trumpet.
Training: Carnatic Classical
Fun Facts: He’s a passionate Lakers fan, and an Eagle Scout!
Before Cal: Cerritos, CA
Class of 2022