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Transit engineer, planner, and designer

Welcome to my page! I'm an engineer and planner who is on a mission to make transit data more accessible to decision makers and the public. I think that better information can help improve the transit experience by making trips easier to plan, bringing choice riders to transit. Better information can also drive performance measures that help agencies identify the most critical locations for improvements, and inform the public process. My passion is to create new formats for displaying transit information that is effective and easy to understand.

On this site, I've put up some examples of graphics and analysis that I've completed so far. The first set below contains an interactive map created with d3.js for visualization and Python for data manipulation and analysis, as well as graphics I've created in Adobe Illustrator. Below that are copies of some of the academic papers I've written in graduate school. The selection here gives a good sense of what I can do as well as what I love to do. If you'd to learn more, check out the other sections by clicking on the colored buttons next to my name!


Interactive Transit Map

transit map


Walking Map of San Francisco

ITS poster

ITS Berkeley Poster




Transit Effectiveness Project



Safer Market Street

5 Fulton Public Meeting Graphics

Muni Forward - 5 Fulton 80MB



Muni Forward - 71 Haight 82MB


Economic Effects of T-Third Study

Economic Effects of the T-Third on Bayview


Public Perceptions of Self Driving Cars

Public Perceptions of Self-Driving Cars

Consolidation of Bay Area Transit Agencies

Consolidation of Bay Area Transit Agencies


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