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The execution is simple, merely follow the instructions laid out here.


  1. Buy the kit.
    Simply follow the link to the store, and buy either The Kit, V1 or The Kit, V2. CONSUME!! FAT BLOATED IMPERIALIST PIGGY!
  2. Examine the kit contents.
    My kit comes with a piece or several pieces of metal: possibly a chunk from an old plough or shovel, possibly some spent ammunition rounds or even some old fillings pulled from the capitalist "dental care" system.
  3. Let's get smelting!
    One merely needs to melt down this metal by heating it until it is a liquid.
  4. Pour into the form.
    Think long, thin, metal strip here, people. I'm sure you can figure this out.
  5. Allow metal to cool.
  6. Bend the metal strip.
    Hopefully you have some idea regarding how to shape a metal strip into the shape of an outline of a five pointed star. If you've made cookie cutters before, you have a head start on your free-trading counterpart. Make sure the star is at least 10cm wide, but no more than 20cm. All stars have equal width, but some are more equal than others.
  7. Make the batter.
    Surely you've done this before.. The fruits of your brothers' labors are first ground into flour, and then combined with sugar, buttermilk, baking powder and eggs. Or just follow the instructions on the back of the pancake and waffle mix box.
  8. Add the "secret" ingredient.
    A few drops of RED food coloring. Like the blood of the workers, your batter should be RED!! And THICK!! THICKER than the grease that makes the capitalist consumerist machine RUN OVER and OPPRESS the PEOPLE!!
  9. Cook the pancakes.
    Just pour the batter into the star while it is resting on a hot griddle. Remove the star (use a hot-pad) once the batter has set up, then flip the pancake. Once cooked, place into a pre-heated oven (at the lowest setting possible) to keep warm.
  10. Eat the pancakes.
    Your RED, WARM, FLUFFY, STAR-SHAPED, pancake can be complimented with a variety of toppings and sides. However, the PEOPLE prefer a glass of orange juice (from concentrate), two 30g butter pats, and 100mL maple syrup.
  11. Seize the means of production!
    Face your real condition of life and your relations with your kind! Undermine and destroy the state! Subvert the dominant paradigm!!

The kit and some other imperialist stooge products are available for consumer swine in the people's shop.

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