[Pancakes for Pinkos]
A healthy breakfast. A radical system of government. What could be better?
[Karl Marx]
The Idea
[Che Guevara]
The Execution
[Rosa Luxemburg]
The Library
[Fidel Castro]
The Recipes
[Vladimir Lenin]
The Gallery
[Chairman Mao]
The Shop

Pancakes for Pinkos started with an idea, that the proletariat have a right to a hearty breakfast. Next came a way to execute the idea efficiently and thoroughly. A library was constructed to aid and educate the proletariat in preparation for the revolution. Recipes were also needed. As well as pictures to lift the spirit and create unity. The proletariat demanded more! So the shop was added to enable the proletariat to exploit the capitalist system and create the tools needed to support the means of production! Workers of the world, unite under one common cause, one common meal, one common pancake!

Fuel the revolution...

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