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03 Dec 2002, 1:30am
Use pancakesforpinkos.com for all your travel needs. Just book your tickets on the travel page an save a ton on flights to communist countries.

22 Nov 2002, 5:30pm
Updated the library with new images of books.. still taking suggestions on additions/deletions. Added a gallery of communist related/inspired pictures.

20 Nov 2002, 3:00pm
Added the library. Contact me with suggestions for additions.

20 Nov 2002, 12:00pm
Work, work, work.. New additions coming up: recommended reading, recommended viewing, recommended listening, and maybe some art.

16 Nov 2002, 4:00am
Redesigned the site. Hopefully for the better?

15 Nov 2002, 3:40pm
Explained the t-shirt and postcard promo.

14 Nov 2002, 3:30pm
Added another deal for cheap-asses.

14 Nov 2002, 1:30am
Donations of two dollars or more will receive a free pack of twenty postcards. Impress your friends! Get your postcards today! Comrade Slosh says they are the best postcards s/he has ever seen.

13 Nov 2002, 6:30pm
Donate to pancakesforpinkos.. your donation will go to a good cause. E-Mail me for details.

13 Nov 2002, 2:30pm
Some complaints have come in. Neither pinko nor pancake are derogatory, so what's the problem?

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