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Below are some links to downloadable media that can help with understanding the concepts presented on this site. The media presented on this page are the property of the site they are hosted on, and are in no way affiliated with the administrator of this site.


DNA Transcription
Category: Video.
: 1 min 34 secs.
Description: Video that visually explains the process of DNA transcription in the cell.
Host: N/A

DNA Translation
Category: Flash Animation
Length: N/A
Description: Detailed animation showing the process by which mRNA translation occurs in the Ribosomes after the mRNA strand has been transcribed and processed in the nucleus and has entered the cytoplasm.
Host: John Kyrk

Polymerase Chain Reaction
Category: Flash Animation
Length: N/A
Description: Animation demonstrating the process by which PCR can amplify a specific sequence of DNA. This technique is a very powerful tool for large scale sequencing projects where many copies of identical DNA strands are needed for the sequencing reaction to run.
Host: Queen's University Biology Department

DNA Sequencing
Category: Video
Length: 2 mins 46 secs
Description: Video that demonstrates the two methods by which DNA sequencing can take place: using radioactive primers in the Sanger Sequencing method and using fluorescent ddNTPs in modern sequencing methods.
Host: University of Alabama, Birmington Department of Biology

Gene Therapy
Category: Video
Length: 1 min 54 secs
Description: This shows the mechanism by which geneticists have attempted to treat genetic diseases caused by nonfunctional genes. It involves the use of a virus that inserts a functional copy of the gene into the cell to be integrated into the genome and express the correct protein. While it seems idea, there are complications it did not mention, including the possibility of causing cancers by activating proto-oncogenes.
Host: American Museum of Natural History

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