English Graduate Association at UC-Berkeley
graduate student directory

Students can be emailed with their listed addresses at berkeley.edu, gmail.com or yahoo.com, as noted.

Adam Ahmed
adam.ahmed@ (berkeley)
18th-Century British Literature. 19th-Century British Literature. Critical Theory. Cultural Theory. Poetry. Creative Writing.

Tracy Auclair
tracyauclair@ (gmail)
19th Century American Literature. Religion. Aesthetics. Cognitive Poetics.

Stephanie Bahr
stephaniebahr@ (gmail)
16th Century Literature. Elizabethan & Jacobean Drama. Allegory.

Ruth Baldwin
rebaldwin@ (berkeley)
The Long 19th Century. The History of the Novel. Narrative Theory. Victorian and Romantic Literature. Dissertation: Early 19th Century Novel (Ainsworth, Scott, Bulwer, Dickens). Re-imagined and Consolidated 18th Century Criminal Biography.

Ashley C. Barnes
ashleycbarnes@ (berkeley)
American Literature.19th and Earlier 20th Century. Narrative Theory and Narrative Ethics. Theories of Emotion and Intersubjectivity.

Mark Bauer
markbauer@ (berkeley)
20th Century.

Rachel Beck
whollyword@ (yahoo)
Medieval and 20th Century American Literature. History of the Book. Collaborative Production.

Alex Benson
anb@ (berkeley)
American Literature. Ethnography. Theories of Discourse.

Jasper Bernes
bernes@ (berkeley)
20th Century Poetry. Marx and Marxism. Theories of Value. Post-WWII Art and Aesthetics. Labor.

Michael Bigley
zbigley@ (berkeley)
Early Middle English. History of the Lyric. Medieval Theology. Musical Setting and Performance.

Catherine Cronquist Browning
cronquist@ (berkeley)
19th Century British Literature and Culture. Intersections of Religion and Literature. Children's Literature. Dissertation: "The Uncertain Child: Belief, Doubt, and Growth in British Literature, 1837-1911."

Natalia Cecire
cecire@ (berkeley)
American Literature. Poetry. History. Philosophy of Science. Gender Theory. Children's Literature & Childhood Studies. Media Studies. Visual Culture.

Shannon Chamberlain
shannon.chamberlain@ (berkeley)
Verisimilitude. Literary Forgery. Early Novels.

Juliana Chow
julianachow@ (berkeley)
19th and 20th Century American Literature. Asian American Literature. Romanticism. Transcendentalism. Novel Theory. Ecocriticism/Science Studies. Geography.

Julia Cohen
jcohen@ (berkeley)
American Literature.

Alexander Covalciuc
acov@ (berkeley)
19th Century British Literature. Romanticism. The Later 18th century. Metallica.

Chad Crosson
cgcrosson@ (gmail) / ccrosson@ (berkeley)
Chaucer and 14th Century England. Medieval Science and Medicine.

Frank Eugene Cruz
frankcruz@ (berkeley)
19th & 20th Century U.S.-American Literature. U.S. Race & Ethnic studies. American Cultural Studies. Critical Border Theory. Chicano/a Literature. Faulkner. Steinbeck.

Christopher Fan
christopherfan@ (berkeley)
Psychoanalysis. Early Modernism. Drama. Science Fiction. The Uncanny.

Kristin Fujie
kfujie@ (berkeley)
19th and 20th Century American Literature.

Rebecca Gaydos
gaydos.rebecca@ (gmail)
20th Century American Poetry.

Brian I. Gillis
gillis@ (berkeley)
Native American Literature/Colonial Through 19th Century American Literature.

Peter Goodwin
petergoodwin@ (berkeley)
American Literature to 1900. Edgar Allan Poe. Gender Studies.

Hillary Gravendyk
hgb@ (berkeley)
19th and 20th Century American Poetry. Philosophy. Disability. Nature poetics.

Blake Hausman
blakemhaus@ (berkeley)
Native American Literatures. Indigenous Studies. Colonial, 18th, 19th, 20th, and 21st Century American Literatures. Shakespeare. Modernism. Comparative Renaissance Studies. Transatlantic Narrative Production.

Emily Hilligoss
hilligoss@ (berkeley)
Post-WWII American Literature. Disability Studies. Psychoanalysis.

Lynn Huang
lynn3huang@ (gmail)
History of the Book. British Renaissance and 18th Century Literature.

Javier Huerta
johuerta@ (berkeley)
19th Century British Literature.

Alek Jeziorek
alkjez@ (gmail)

Dimiter Kenarov
kenarov@ (berkeley)
18th Century Literature. Journalism.

Paul Kerschen
kerschen@ (berkeley)
Transatlantic Modernism. Novel Theory. Romanticism and Modernism. Joyce. Wittgenstein.

Charity Ketz
charityketz@ (gmail)
Romanticism (British and otherwise). 18th Century Literature. Medieval (and Anglo-Saxon) Literature. Contemporary Poetry.

Micha Lazarus
mds.lazarus@ (berkeley)
English Renaissance. Classical poetics. Theories of the Passions. Sir Philip Sidney. The Uses of Pastoral. Romance. Literary Experiment. Continental Humanism. Visual Arts. Rhetorical Education.

James Lee
jjlee@ (berkeley)
Dissertation: Sensation and Anatomical Dissection in Renaissance Poetry and Philosophy.

Seulghee Lee
seulghee@ (berkeley)
African American Literature. Cultural Studies. Poetry.

Sookyoung Lee (Soo)
sookyoung@ (berkeley)
Modernism. Romanticism. Aesthetic Education.

Charles Legere
clegere@ (berkeley)
20th and 21st Century Anglophone Poetry. 19th and 20th Century Literary Theory, Scholarship, Criticism, Reading Methodologies, and Pedagogy. English Studies and Global English.

John Lurz
johnlurz@ (berkeley)
19th and 20th Century British Fiction. Literary Theory. James Joyce. Virginia Woolf. Marcel Proust. Semiotics and Deconstruction. Psychoanalysis. Phenomenology. Media Studies. The History of the Book. Memory.

Jonathan Larner-Lewis
jlarner@ (berkeley)
Poetics. 19th & 20th Centuries.

Rosa A. Martinez
rosam@ (berkeley)
American Colonial Literature (English and Spanish Texts). 19th Century American Literature. Chicano/a Literature. Feminist and Queer Studies. Creative Writing.

Annie McClanahan
ajmcc@ (berkeley)
20th and 20st Century American Fiction and Culture. Finance Capital and Risk. Contemporary Marxist Theory. Philosophy of History.

Lauren Naturale
laurennaturale@ (gmail)
19th Century British Literature. Creative Writing.

Trudy Obi
gobi@ (berkeley)
Early Modern (16th-17th Centuries) English, French, and Neo-Latin Poetry. Rhetoric and Humanist Pedagogy.

Gillian Osborne
gkosborne@ (berkeley)
American Literature, Poetry and Poetics.

Aurelio Perez
aurelio@ (berkeley)
Contemporary Ethnic Literatures, Law & Literature.

Luke Terlaak Poot
luketerlaak@ (berkeley)
Victorian Novel. Narrative Theory. Serialization.

Swati Rana
swati@ (berkeley)
20th Century American Literature. U.S. Immigrant and Ethnic Literature. Postcolonial Studies. Phenomenology. Affect. Creative Writing.

Marques Redd
redd@ (berkeley)
Transatlantic Romanticisms. Hermeticism and the Esoteric Tradition. Egypt and the Western Imaginary. Quantum Mechanics and Mysticism.

Robert L. Reyes
rlreyes@ (berkeley)
Chicana/o Literature.

Margaret Ronda
mronda@ (berkeley)
19th, 20th, and 21st Century American Poetry.

Jill Richards
jillrichards@ (berkeley)
Modern Poetry. Critical Theory, Film and Media Studies.

Jocelyn Rodal
jocelyn@ (berkeley)
Modernism. Form and Politics.

Benjamin A. Saltzman
BenjaminSaltzman@ (berkeley)
Anglo-Saxon England. Anglo-Latin and Old English Literature. Paleography and Codicology. Medieval Law. Monastic Culture. Critical Theory.

Batya Ungar-Sargon
batya@ (berkeley)
Restoration and 18th Century.

Jonathan Shelley
jshelley@ (berkeley)
Renaissance and Print Culture.

Jennifer Shoffeitt
jenshoff@ (berkeley)
Poetic Generativity and Biological Reproduction in 16th Century Literature.

Khalil Sullivan
khalil@ (berkeley)
Modernism. Philosophy.

Tiffany Tsao
ttsao@ (berkeley)
Victorian and Modernist British Literature. Postcolonial Literature. Indonesian Literature. Science and Literature.

David Vandeloo
dcvandeloo@ (berkeley)
Modernism. 20th Century Literature.

Joshua J. Weiner
joshjweiner@ (gmail)
Restoration. 18th century. Romanticism. Systems Theory. Intellectual History. Media Studies. History of Science. Queer Theory. Psychoanalysis. Milton.

Sunny Xiang
sxiang@ (berkeley)
20th Century Literature. Asian American Literature, Critical Theory. Theories of Narrative & the Novel.

Mia Minjung You
miayou@ (berkeley)
Modernist Poetry. Translation. Comparative Media.