English Graduate Association at UC-Berkeley
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Graduate Colloquia (2007-2008)

September 24, 2007
Eleanor Johnson, "Sensible Prose and a Sense of Meter: Boethian Prosimetrics"
Cody Marrs, "'Sweeping the Present': Liberalism, Time, and the Chronopolitics of Whitman's Poetry"

October 18, 2007
Tracy Auclair, "'Oh, Listen to the Sound I Hear!': Spiritualist Poetry and Religious Auditory Experience"
Natalia Cecire: "Media and History in Children's Fantasy"

November 8, 2007
Vitaly Eyber, "The Real Close Reading"
Aaron Bady, "The Production of Illiteracy in African Diasporic Letters"

November 29, 2007
Ted Martin, "Neither/Noir: neo vs. necro"
Margaret Ronda, "'Here we last': Lorine Niedecker's Residual Georgic

Jill Richards, "Medium Muse" (on Jean Cocteau and Frank O'Hara)
with Eric Falci and Lyn Hejinian

EGA Faculty Colloquia (2007-2008)

November 14, 2007: Working Between Two Disciplines
Kathleen Donegan, "The Cries of Our Sick Men: Misery & Alterity in Jamestown"
Hertha D. Sweet Wong, "Visual Autobiography: Faith Ringoldˇs Story Quilts"
James Grantham Turner, "Erotic art in the Renaissance"

April 30, 2008: Middle Modern: The Longest 18th Century Ever
Janet Sorensen, on Falkoner
Ian Duncan, on Darwin
Kevis Goodman, on "Nostalgia"

EGA Grad/Faculty Colloquia (2008-2009)

October 28, 2008
Matt Sergi and Rebecca Munson

November 13, 2008
Mia You, "Grey: On Guernica"
Charles Altieri, "Why Modernist Claims for Autonomy Matter"

November 19, 2008: Modernism: Material, Spectral, Aural
Mark Goble, "Medium Ecology: Modernism's Material World"
Kea Anderson, "Aural and Spectral: Nightmares of Parisian Modernity in Benjamin and Rhys"

March 4, 2009: Poetry, Entropy and Information
Jasper Bernes, "Hannah Weiner, Dan Graham and the Use and Abuse of Cybernetics at the End of the Postwar Boom"
Celeste Langan, "Precipitation: Poetry and the Rain of Information"

April 6, 2009: Depth and Reflection
Ashley Barnes, "The Sentimental James: Subjectivity and the Love Story in Uncle Tom's Cabin and The Golden Bowl"
Namwali Serpell, "The Two Faces of Hannah: Betrayal and the Biracial in The Bondwoman's Narrative"