English Graduate Association at UC-Berkeley
join bspace

We now have a Bspace site that will allow us to share and archive our teaching materials. There is also a place for announcements, a discussion board, and chat.

Only people with a Berkeley ID and Passphrase can access the site. The R&C coordinator, who maintains the site, will give posting privileges only to English graduate students.

Directions for joining our site are below; in the "resources" section of the site there is an array of folders for putting different kinds of materials (thesis handouts, syllabi, peer review worksheets, etc.). You can also create new folders.

Also, it will work best if the area for Eng45 materials only pertains to materials specific to the 45 series (section policies handouts, 45 paper topics, etc). That is, if 45-series teachers want to post or download a general thesis handout, grammar exercise, etc, do so in the R1A/B section.

Experienced teachers are encouraged to post. Saving your docs in Rich Text Format (RTF) before posting them would be best, so they're universally readable.

To find and join the site:
1. Go to https://bspace.berkeley.edu/
2. Hit the blue "Membership" tab; then search "joinable sites" for "English teaching". Congrats -- you've joined!
3. Hit the "Resources" tab to see an array of folders with different kinds of materials.