First Meeting (Spring 2016) – Welcome Back Party!

Hey, all — happy Monday (and a new semester)! We hope everyone had a good break!

First of all, our first meeting is imminent! In fact, it’s tomorrow (Tues.)! It’ll be at our usual time, 5-6pm, in 330 Wheeler. As is often the case with the first meeting of the semester, we will be providing free pizza in the form of cheesy sticks (and vegan pizza!) so if you’re interested, definitely stop by, even if it’s just for a few minutes.

And, please RSVP at our facebook event so we know how much pizza to get!

Second, apologies for dropping off the face of the earth last semester. It’s the same old refrain of schoolwork overload, but we promise to make better use of the website this semester. If any of you have any ideas, feel free to drop us an email or a comment! We’re always up for changing things around if they’ll make things more interesting. C:

Finally, we’re still accepting board applications. And these applications can still be done in the same place! The deadline is February 12th, and we would love to hear from any of y’all interested. (Don’t worry. We’re ultra friendly — promise.)

Board Application Now Live!

Are you interested in joining the leadership team of the EUA? Have ideas for EUA events? Want to contribute your skills to make the EUA a better place?  Then please take this opportunity to apply to our Board!

We are looking for new Board members to work with us this semester (Spring 2016) part-time and then participate full-time on our leadership committee next semester (Fall 2016). We have a variety of positions open, so we encourage everyone who is interested to apply!

The application and more information can be found here.  The application is fairly short, but should be taken seriously. It will be due February 12th, after which a short informational interview will take place. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Fifth Meeting — Hot Chocolate with Professors

Hey, everyone! As always, sorry for the lack of updates. Midterm season has been hard on us all, which led to the unfortunate cancellation of our October social… but, never fear! We are set on making it up to all of you with this event: Hot Chocolate with Professors!

The event will take place from 5-6pm (or 6:30pm, depending) in the usual English Department Lounge (330 Wheeler Hall).

Want to get to know your professors more? Interested in their favorite music or those two cats they mentioned in passing but never talked about again? Want to ask about a certain professor’s research but too afraid to go to their office hours? Well, then this event is for you! It’ll be an informal event with three professors and a whole lot of undergraduates — no pressure, minimal obligations, so feel free to ask them whatever you want!

There will also be hot chocolate and candy. You know, if you’re into that kind of thing. :’)

The amazing professors who are attending are…
Professor Abel (20th century, focus on gender and Virginia Woolf)
Professor Falci (20th century, focus on British and Irish poetry)
Professor Otter (19th century, focus on American literature and Herman Melville)

As always, please RSVP so we know approximately how much hot chocolate and candy we should bring. Thanks! We hope to see you there! And have a wonderful rest of the week!

Fourth Meeting — Essay Writing with EUA

Hey, everyone!

Just dropping a reminder here that our next meeting is happening later today (Oct. 13)! It’ll be at our usual time, 5-6pm, and place, 330 Wheeler Hall. The meeting will be an Essay Writing Workshop, so be sure to bring whatever you’re working on! It can be an entire finished draft, one paragraph, a thesis, an outline, or even just a blank page! We’ll first give some general writing advice and then delving into specifics depending on who brought what. Come with some questions or your own helpful writing tips!

Also, if you have any essays you’re particularly proud of from previous semesters, feel free to bring those too! It’s always helpful to see good examples.

As always, we have a facebook event going for it, so it would be wonderful if you could RSVP.

Hope to see you all there! Have a great rest of the week and good luck with any midterms you may have!

Week of Oct. 7-Oct. 11

Hey, everyone! Again, sorry for the lack of updates lately. There were some internet connectivity issues that are (hopefully) solved now. As always, if you just want a simple list of events going on, you can just check our Opportunities, Events, and Info tab, the English events page, or the general Berkeley events page.

Now, onwards, to the (rest of) this week’s events!

In the English department…

The Career Center will be hosting the Career Chat specifically for English majors today (Wed., Oct. 7) from 12-1pm in 315 Wheeler Hall (the Maude Fife Room). If you are interested in career options, resume building, or anything in that vein, definitely check it out!

Also at the same time (Wed., Oct. 7 @ 12-1pm), there will be a Berkeley Book Chat with Katrina Dodson on The Complete Stories, by Clarice Lispector in 220 Stephens Hall.

Also on Wed., Oct. 7, there will be a A reading of Lucia Berlin’s, “A Manual for Cleaning Women” in the Maude Fife Room (315 Wheeler Hall) from 7-8:30pm.

On Thurs., Oct. 8, Story Hour with Yang Huang will be held at the Morrison Library from 5-6pm.

Finally, the Folio, Berkeley’s English academic undergraduate journal, is now accepting submissions for their Spring 2016 issue! Check out their website for more information!

Now, for everywhere else on campus…

There will be a conference starting today, Wed., Oct. 7, continuing on until Thurs., Oct. 8, in 370 Dwinelle Hall on Revisiting Freud and Moses: Heroism, History and Religion. It will run from 9am until 7pm on both days.

There will also be several film showings today (Oct. 7)…

As part of the CSEAS Film Series on ghosts, two short films from Indonesia (Grave Torture and Payung Merah) will be shown from 5-5:30pm in 180 Doe Library, followed by a screening of the Malaysian film Seventh, which will run from 5:30 until 7:30pm.

As part of Movies @ Moffitt, the documentary She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry will be shown in room 150D in the Moffitt Undergraduate Library from 7-9pm.

At the same time (7-9pm), there will also be a film screening at room A0001 of the Hearst Field Annex. It will be a showing of the Argentinian film Wild Tales, directed by Damián Szifron.

On Thurs., Oct. 8, there will be a workshop on Getting Started in Undergraduate Research and Finding a Mentor in 9 Durant Hall from 4-5pm.

From 4-5:30pm on the same day (Thurs., Oct. 8), there will be a colloquium in 691 Barrows Hall titled Fresh Faithfuls: Transnational American Christianity and the Politics of Race & Sexuality.

Again, on Thursday, from 5-6:30pm, there will be a lecture on Political Poetry in Contemporary Pakistan with Pakistani Poet and Nonfiction Writer, Harris Khalique at 220 Stephens Hall.

And, one last thing on Oct. 8: As part of the aforementioned CSEAS Film Series, there will be a showing of the Filipino film The Healing from 5-7pm at 180 Doe Library.

On Fri., Oct. 10, as part of a Music Studies Colloquium, Carol Vernallis of Stanford University will give a talk on Beyoncé’s Overwhelming Opus; or, the Past and Future of Music Video from 4:40-5:30pm in 128 Morrison Hall.

On Sun., Oct. 11 at 3-4pm in 223 Moses Hall, there will be a lecture on Remembering the Past, Facing the Future: The Power of the Anne Frank House’s Empty Rooms.

Third Meeting — Poetry Reading and Workshop

Hi, all! Apologies for the lack of updates recently. School has been hectic for us all. If you’re ever curious what events are going on during the week, please check under the Opportunities, Events, and Info page if you don’t see a new weekly post about it. Most of what is written on the weekly posts are merely more attractive mirrors of that list.

Anyway, just dropping a casual reminder that we will be hosting our Poetry Reading and Workshop today (Tues., Sept. 9) at 5-6:30pm in 330 Wheeler.

We will be hosting three distinguished poets, Professor O’Brien, Professor Hejinian, and Grad Student Javier Huerta, all of whom have published collections of their poetry. They will be doing a reading, followed by a Q&A session, from 5-6pm. Please come with questions — it’s not everyday you get to ask such amazing poets face-to-face!

Then, from 6-6:30pm, we will be hosting our poetry workshop, helpfully facilitated by some of the poets. Rest assured, we will have paper and writing utensils, if you need any!

Also, we understand that everyone is busy at this time of the year and that you have other commitments, so feel free to leave earlier or arrive later if that’s all your schedule permits. We’re always happy to see you all for any amount of time!

As always, thanks for your continued interest, and we hope to see you at the meeting!

First Social — Book Speed Dating

Thanks to everyone that was able to attend the Book Speed Dating social today! (And apologies for neglecting to post a reminder here on wordpress. Life has been hectic, to put it mildly.) It turned out to be a wonderful event because of all of you, and we hope you enjoyed it (and the cookies) as much as we did!

Now, as promised at the social, here’s a list of the books that folks recommended.

See any mistakes? Want to add any new books? Feel free to comment below!

Again, thanks everyone for coming! And remember we’re having a Poetry Reading and Workshop next week (Sept. 29) at the same time (5-6pm) and place (330 Wheeler)

Second Meeting — How to Succeed in the English Major

Hello, all! Just sliding a casual reminder in here that our second meeting is tomorrow, Sept. 15 in B-4 Dwinelle Hall from 5-6pm.

We will be giving advice on How to Succeed in the English Major. Anyone who’s even tangentially interested in the department is welcome! And for those who are already upperclassman, feel free to come as well to give your own advice. We’re always interested in hearing from you!

And, as always, please RSVP to our facebook event so we have a rough estimate of people who are coming. (We’re making copies of an informational worksheet!)

Thanks, and we hope to see you there!

P.S. There will be light refreshments. :}

Week of Sept. 14-Sept. 20

Happy, uh, Monday, everyone! Here’s your weekly post about things happening in Berkeley! (Our Secretary will also be sending out an email with Bay Area events sometime soon, so watch out for that!)

First things first, we are hosting our second event Tuesday, Sept. 15 @ 5-6pm in Dwinelle Hall. It is an event on How to Succeed in the English Major, so if that’s your thing, definitely come! (And if you’ve already succeeded in the English major, come anyway and give us tips! We always want to hear from you!) The event will be held in room B-4, which is two floors down from the first level of Dwinelle. Check our facebook event for directions, and please RSVP so we know roughly how many worksheet copies we should print out!

Now, English department event things!

Tuesday, Sept. 15 will also host the Annual Faculty Holloway Reading at 6:30-8pm. Meaning, English department professors reading poetry! As can be expected, the reading will be held in the Maude Fife Room (Wheeler 315).

The Berkeley Book Chats will be having Professor Irina Paperno with, “Who, What Am I?”: Tolstoy Struggles to Narrate the Self on Wednesday, Sept. 16 at 12-1pm in 220 Stephens Hall. This is more of a Comparative Literature thing than an English thing, but we’re closely enough tied together as departments for it to count anyhow.

Now, for other UC Berkeley events that somehow caught our eye…

On Wednesday, Sept. 16, there will be a lecture by Professor Jeremy Birnholtz of Northwestern University on, Remember When Nobody Knew You Were a Dog? Anonymity, Identity and Location in Online Social Environments. It will be held from 4:10-5:30pm at 202 South Hall.

On Thursday, Sept. 17, a short film will be shown in 370 Dwinelle Hall from 4-6pm. It is This Kind of Love, a documentary about Burmese activist Aung Myo Min. Aung Myo Min will be present to answer questions after the screening.

Also on Thursday, at the Free Speech Movement Café,  Professor Stephanie Jones-Rogers will be giving a presentation on, The Fugitive Slave Clause: Rethinking Gender, Slavery, and the Constitution from 6-8pm.

Friday, Sept. 18 will see us with another research workshop — Getting Started in Undergraduate Research and Finding a Mentor Workshop. Like the others, it will take place at 12-1pm in 9 Durant Hall.

Also on Friday, Sept. 18, there will be a lecture on The Battle for Mexico and the Future of Revolutionary Democracy in the Americas: Mexico at the Crossroads at 3-5pm in 370 Dwinelle Hall.

And, again on Friday, from 4-6pm in 7205 Dwinelle Hall, there will be a lecture on, Virtue and decision in Aristotle’s ethical treatises.

Finally, the Vagina Monologues are also holding auditions this week, from Thursday onwards. If you’re interested in helping out but missed the infosessions, they’re tabling on Sproul this week with sign-up information, so go check them out!

Have a great week, EUA-ers! (We really need a better name. Taking nominations now!)

Week of Sept. 9-Sept.12

Apologies for the downtime last night, everyone! We recently got a hold of the domain, and things kind of broke when we tried to change all the permalinks. But, rest assured, everything’s fine now! (And: update your bookmarks, if you have them! the old URL will still work, but we’re planning on making the switch over to the new one soon, so for convenience’s sake… also, it’s a lot easier to remember.)

Anyway, thanks to all those who came to our first meeting today! It was a great introductory meeting because of all of you, and we hope to see you all again sometime soon! Just a quick reminder that our next meeting will be next Tuesday, Sept. 15, again at 5-6pm.  It is on How to Succeed in the English Major. We still haven’t entirely decided on a room yet, but we will definitely send out an email/post on facebook when we do!

Now, for events happening within the English department this week…

Story Hour is having their first reading this Thursday, Sept. 10 in the Morrison Library at 5-6pm! Story Hour is, according to their website, “A monthly prose reading series hosted by English department faculty Vikram Chandra and Melanie Abrams, and featuring distinguished prose writers from the Bay Area and beyond.” For this opening event, Nina Schuyler will be reading.

Also on Thursday, Sept. 10, the Berkeley Connect Book Club is meeting in 305 Wheeler at 6pm. They’re going to have free pizza (!!) and decide what book they’re going to read. It seems they’re going to focus on contemporary literature, so if you’re interested and have the time, definitely check them out!

Now, for non-English department events that are still relevant to our interests…

There will be a colloquium in 5101 Tolman Hall on Wed., Sept. 9, at 12-1:15pm on The How of Happiness: Boosting well-being through kindness, gratitude, and optimism. It will be given by Professor Sonja Lyubomirsky from UC Riverside.

Also on Wed., Sept. 9, there will be a Gilman Scholarship Application Workshop in 223 Moses Hall from 4:30-6pm. The Gilman Scholarship Program is aimed at funding undergraduate study abroad programs, so if you’re interested in studying abroad but are hesitant because of the financial cost, definitely check them out. (They’re currently open for Spring and Summer 2016 applications — deadline is October 6th!)

On Thursday, Sept. 10, the ASUC is celebrating the opening of the MLK Student Union (that shiny new building in Sproul Plaza next to the currently unused fountain). They’ll be hosting Bear Bites: A food and retail event at the new Student Union, starting from 11am until 2pm. This building has been long in the making, so we’re very happy to see it finally completed.

Also on Thursday, there will be a How to Write a Research Proposal Workshop in 9 Durant Hall from 2:30-4:30pm. For all you upperclassman looking to do research, and underclassman interested in how research works, definitely check it out.

Continuing in the string of Thursday events, there will be a lecture hosted by the Slavic Department titled Land of Freedom and Equality or Land of Oppression and Injustice? Images of the United States in Czech Literature and Culture at 4-5:30pm in 270 Stephens Hall. The lecturer will be Josef Sveda, a Fulbright Visiting Scholar from Prague!

Finally, one last thing on Thursday: there will be a film showing in 105 Boalt Hall at 6:30-8:30pm. It will be Pedro E. Guerrero: A Photographer’s Journey by Raymond Telles and Yvan Iturriaga. Director Telles (who is also, coincidentally, a professor in the Ethnic Studies Department at Berkeley) will also be present for a Q&A session after the conclusion of the film.

And that’s all we have so far for this week! Any events we missed? Questions about anything? Feel free to comment below or shoot us an email. We’re always happy to hear from you.

Have a great rest of the week, everyone!