Fourth Meeting — Essay Writing with EUA

Hey, everyone!

Just dropping a reminder here that our next meeting is happening later today (Oct. 13)! It’ll be at our usual time, 5-6pm, and place, 330 Wheeler Hall. The meeting will be an Essay Writing Workshop, so be sure to bring whatever you’re working on! It can be an entire finished draft, one paragraph, a thesis, an outline, or even just a blank page! We’ll first give some general writing advice and then delving into specifics depending on who brought what. Come with some questions or your own helpful writing tips!

Also, if you have any essays you’re particularly proud of from previous semesters, feel free to bring those too! It’s always helpful to see good examples.

As always, we have a facebook event going for it, so it would be wonderful if you could RSVP.

Hope to see you all there! Have a great rest of the week and good luck with any midterms you may have!

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