Submission Guidelines

We, the English Undergraduate Association, are accepting blog posts! Click the read more below for more information.

These blog posts can be in any form, be that poetry or prose, fiction or nonfiction. At this point in time, there are no length minimums or maximums. In terms of content, we  reserve the right to refuse to publish anything that may be derogatory, inflammatory, or against university policy. (We are also adhering to UC Berkeley guidelines regarding plagiarism.) Otherwise, there are no limitations on the subject of the piece — feel free to write a story about aliens, an essay about racism on campus, or even an entire ode dedicated to your cat.

Please send us a copy of your post in either .doc, .docx, or .rtf format via email attachment with [Blog Post Submission] somewhere in the title. If there are images* in your post, please also include them in your email.

Finally, please title your submission in this format — Surname, First Name – Blog Post Title — and indicate whether you want us to provide editing with either a (Y) or a (N) at the end. (Spelling errors will be automatically corrected.) If you wish for your piece to be posted anonymously, please indicate so in the body of your email.

We will email you back within 2-4 days, and if there are no issues, we will either begin working with you to edit your piece or queue the piece for posting as-is, depending on your preferences.

*Note: Please make sure that the use of any image that is not your own can fall under the Fair Use clause. We cannot use any images, including photos, that do not fall under this clause. Furthermore, please provide credit for any image you may want to use. For instance, if it’s a screenshot of a television show, provide the show and director; if it’s a photo, provide the photographer, etc.


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