Third Meeting — Poetry Reading and Workshop

Hi, all! Apologies for the lack of updates recently. School has been hectic for us all. If you’re ever curious what events are going on during the week, please check under the Opportunities, Events, and Info page if you don’t see a new weekly post about it. Most of what is written on the weekly posts are merely more attractive mirrors of that list.

Anyway, just dropping a casual reminder that we will be hosting our Poetry Reading and Workshop today (Tues., Sept. 9) at 5-6:30pm in 330 Wheeler.

We will be hosting three distinguished poets, Professor O’Brien, Professor Hejinian, and Grad Student Javier Huerta, all of whom have published collections of their poetry. They will be doing a reading, followed by a Q&A session, from 5-6pm. Please come with questions — it’s not everyday you get to ask such amazing poets face-to-face!

Then, from 6-6:30pm, we will be hosting our poetry workshop, helpfully facilitated by some of the poets. Rest assured, we will have paper and writing utensils, if you need any!

Also, we understand that everyone is busy at this time of the year and that you have other commitments, so feel free to leave earlier or arrive later if that’s all your schedule permits. We’re always happy to see you all for any amount of time!

As always, thanks for your continued interest, and we hope to see you at the meeting!

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