Week of Oct. 7-Oct. 11

Hey, everyone! Again, sorry for the lack of updates lately. There were some internet connectivity issues that are (hopefully) solved now. As always, if you just want a simple list of events going on, you can just check our Opportunities, Events, and Info tab, the English events page, or the general Berkeley events page.

Now, onwards, to the (rest of) this week’s events!

In the English department…

The Career Center will be hosting the Career Chat specifically for English majors today (Wed., Oct. 7) from 12-1pm in 315 Wheeler Hall (the Maude Fife Room). If you are interested in career options, resume building, or anything in that vein, definitely check it out!

Also at the same time (Wed., Oct. 7 @ 12-1pm), there will be a Berkeley Book Chat with Katrina Dodson on The Complete Stories, by Clarice Lispector in 220 Stephens Hall.

Also on Wed., Oct. 7, there will be a A reading of Lucia Berlin’s, “A Manual for Cleaning Women” in the Maude Fife Room (315 Wheeler Hall) from 7-8:30pm.

On Thurs., Oct. 8, Story Hour with Yang Huang will be held at the Morrison Library from 5-6pm.

Finally, the Folio, Berkeley’s English academic undergraduate journal, is now accepting submissions for their Spring 2016 issue! Check out their website for more information!

Now, for everywhere else on campus…

There will be a conference starting today, Wed., Oct. 7, continuing on until Thurs., Oct. 8, in 370 Dwinelle Hall on Revisiting Freud and Moses: Heroism, History and Religion. It will run from 9am until 7pm on both days.

There will also be several film showings today (Oct. 7)…

As part of the CSEAS Film Series on ghosts, two short films from Indonesia (Grave Torture and Payung Merah) will be shown from 5-5:30pm in 180 Doe Library, followed by a screening of the Malaysian film Seventh, which will run from 5:30 until 7:30pm.

As part of Movies @ Moffitt, the documentary She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry will be shown in room 150D in the Moffitt Undergraduate Library from 7-9pm.

At the same time (7-9pm), there will also be a film screening at room A0001 of the Hearst Field Annex. It will be a showing of the Argentinian film Wild Tales, directed by Damián Szifron.

On Thurs., Oct. 8, there will be a workshop on Getting Started in Undergraduate Research and Finding a Mentor in 9 Durant Hall from 4-5pm.

From 4-5:30pm on the same day (Thurs., Oct. 8), there will be a colloquium in 691 Barrows Hall titled Fresh Faithfuls: Transnational American Christianity and the Politics of Race & Sexuality.

Again, on Thursday, from 5-6:30pm, there will be a lecture on Political Poetry in Contemporary Pakistan with Pakistani Poet and Nonfiction Writer, Harris Khalique at 220 Stephens Hall.

And, one last thing on Oct. 8: As part of the aforementioned CSEAS Film Series, there will be a showing of the Filipino film The Healing from 5-7pm at 180 Doe Library.

On Fri., Oct. 10, as part of a Music Studies Colloquium, Carol Vernallis of Stanford University will give a talk on Beyoncé’s Overwhelming Opus; or, the Past and Future of Music Video from 4:40-5:30pm in 128 Morrison Hall.

On Sun., Oct. 11 at 3-4pm in 223 Moses Hall, there will be a lecture on Remembering the Past, Facing the Future: The Power of the Anne Frank House’s Empty Rooms.

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