Morning Tunes


I don’t know about you, but an average weekday morning for me includes throwing on random clothes while slapping on uneven make-up in the dark because not even the sun is out of bed at seven in the morning.

However, on the days I can gradually wake up at a decent hour to the (rare) Berkeley sunshine filtering through my windows, I like to play these songs while I go through a slower-paced version of my morning routine.

I tried to make the playlist sound like the way lazy mornings feel: cozy, gentle, and happy. Because of this, I started the playlist with the busy beats of Tokimonsta before easing into the mellow acoustics of The Walters. The laid-back twang of Mac Demarco guides us through our morning coffee and the groovy beats of Noname and Hiatus Kaiyote wake us up enough to start the energy flowing for the rest of the day. Soothing Frankie Cosmos and Whitney bring it down a little before The Smiths and Day Wave wrap it up with a burst of liveliness to accompany us on our morning commute.

Whichever way your morning starts, we hope it’s a good one.



P.S. What song gets you out of bed in the morning? Comment below!

Written by Vivian Chen

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