Spring Fashion Ideas-Inspired by Michael Kors 2017


We are deep into spring of 2017, but have you updated your closet with the newest clothing trends yet? Summer comes faster than we think, so take this time to catch up with some spring collections! Fashion is forecasting the trend for the next season. To find out what is trending right now, we should look back to the fashion shows last fall, which highlights the spring of this year. Among the talented and stunning designs, Michael Kors collection shines just a little extra because of its pointy and floral style for the spring of 2017!


This clean-cut blue suit is the first look of the show. Joan Small dresses in a purplish-blue blazer-coat with the white collar turned over. This elaborate design of a collar is one of the trend of this season. It makes the whole look a little more sophisticated and easily goes with any shape of faces.


Julia Nobis goes a little easy with the new items of the Kors. Her outfit features a down-shoulder trench coat and an extended shirt with classic blue stripes. She wears a pair of boy shorts, which were popular last summer. This look speaks very much of what has been in trend alreadyoversize. Though oversizing has been seen since last year, this look solidifies Kors’s prediction of oversizing continuing this year as well.


A spring without flowers is a Thanksgiving without turkey. How can a collection devoted to spring not have some flowers swimming through a dress of Kors? Katlin Aas dresses in a classically designed spring dress with long sleeves and some frills around the neck and the hemline. However, the most clever part of the look is the white ear studs, which are shaped as a flower and match well with the belt and summer heels.

Though you may not favor the exact items from Michael Kors, there are similar items and styles selling on many websites from many brands! Play with the fashion trends and have a bright and comfortable spring!

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Here are some more pictures from the collection with similar styles illustrated above:

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