Three Pieces to Save a Lazy Outfit


We all have those days. Five minutes on the clock to pack your bags and book it to class, but you’re still digging through your closet looking for something to wear, only to come away with your go-to hoodie and jeans.

But, have no fear, there are ways to make even the most mundane outfits exciting! For the days you’re pressed for time and your creativity is at its limit, here are a few items we suggest adding to your wardrobe to make make your mornings easier and your go-to lazy day look flawless. (Be sure to check out FAST’s Morning Playlist to help start your day off right!).  

1. The Denim Jacket

denimThrow on a denim jacket to give that t-shirt/jeans or hoodie/jeans a utilitarian edge. The contrast of the tough denim with the softer cloths such as a striped knit tee gives your outfit the perfect blend of edgy and comfortable.




2. The Tunic and/or the Oversized Sweater


Roomy, cute, and comfy — what more can one ask for? Try pairing an oversized sweater or tunic up with your favorite skinny jeans or cute leggings and, viola! An easy outfit with a dynamic silhouette.






3. The Dress


A casual dress, such as a knit t-shirt dress, makes getting ready even easier by eliminating all choices. No need to match tops and bottoms – the dress is two in one. Tights in the winter, sandals in the spring, and maybe a Denim Jacket complete the look. (And best of all, wearing a cute dress makes it look like you tried, even if you didn’t.) 






And lastly for those of you who want to go a bit beyond the basics:

4. The Beanie, Scarf, and other Accessories  

Add on one of these to spice up any of the above three! Here are some useful combinations:

      1. The Denim Jacket+T-Shirt+Jeans+Sneakers+Beanie

        combo 1
      2. The Oversized Sweater+Leggings+Booties+ Scarf

      3. The Dress+ The Denim Jacket+Flats+Necklace


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written by Ashley Minooka


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