30-Min Lower-Body Workout!



Hello Everyone!

2017 is the year we start building healthier and stronger versions of ourselves: And, like with all growth, it starts from the ground up!

With that in mind, Fast introduces part 1 of its college-tailored workout series: A 30 minute Lower-body Workout that will not only strengthen your legs and create a strong foundation, but create a powerful, confident stride.

Moreover, college schedules are super packed (trust us, we go to Berkeley too), so flexibility (as well as maximum workout potential) was our top goal for forming this HIIT-styled circuit training series.

With that in mind, these moves are AMAZING in 2 important ways: They can be done whenever and wherever: On the glade after an organic chemistry midterm, with a friend at the RSF, or if you and your RA are feeling like squat warriors at your dorm.

On a final note, although these moves (if done consistently) will build muscular thighs and glutes, it’s a great way to set aside 30 min of your time to just focus on YOU, and creating a more confident and mindful version of yourself.

Here is the workout below: Screenshot to save on your phone!

Enjoy, beauties <3



   xo, FAST!                                                                                                                    

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