Websites for Buying Cute Clothes Under a College Budget

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We are in college; we are full-time students; sometimes we take part-time jobs but end up spending $100 just on textbooks.

However, we all love ourselves and we want to look cute and pretty in everyday life, in special cases like socials, or even more formal date party. Tired of buying basics from Hollister and American Eagle? Here are some resources to add some new trendy fashion ideas to your wardrobe and to help you stay under your college budget.



  1. Tobi

This simple but low-v neck floral print romper suits different complexions and is perfect for picnics and socials during the spring and summer. Paired up with a choker, this outfit will have you feeling stylish and confident.





  1. Charlotte Russe

As you may have heard, you can never go wrong with a little black dress for a special occasion, like your an invite party or a wedding. This piece nicely shows your collarbone line, and a few small cut outs never hurt anyone. A pair of wide-heeled shoes and a bright-colored purse will definitely make your look shine.




Charlotte Russe also has some great collections of accessories like necklace and chokers. This chainlink layered necklace gives a sense of elegance when worn with a formal dress like the one before.





  1. ASOS

Originally producing in Britain, ASOS has some of the latest trends in fashion. This model looks like walking for photoshoot that just happened in New York Fashion week. With this light-blue denim coat, you’ll look as though you just came from a photoshoot for New York Fashion week. Denim will keep you warm at any time of the year and can be matched with just about anything, such as a black leather skirt. Fashion can be simple as this as long as we know how to match up different pieces.



Happy shopping!

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