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It’s not always easy to shop with a clean conscience. Maybe you can’t find the style or type of clothing you want, or you just don’t know where to look. The search ends here. This list of seven contains labels that have anything from basics, to crazy patterns, and even lingerie.

Note, though, that paying workers a wage or using organic cotton comes with a monetary expense to the manufacturer. Therefore, other than the last option, the list is composed of intermediately-priced brands.






This San Francisco-based apparel company puts transparency at the forefront. Its collections are full of sleek, timeless basics.







2. Symbology



Bold patterns with traditionally printed woven designs are their go-to. Their clothing highlights not only craft and authenticity, but also empowerment.  









3. Naja



Sustainable and socially-conscious fashion doesn’t stop with outerwear. With the  gorgeously-designed lingerie of Naja, you can dress socially-consciously from head to toe.








4. Patagonia



Patagonia has been a supporter of fair trade labor and organic materials before it was cool. Their mission? “Build the best product, cause no unnecessary harm, use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis.”






5. Madefair



This online shopping site with variety brings many fair trade/sustainable brands to a single site for the ultimate, convenient shopping experience.








6. Second-hand stores



Can’t buy organic or fair trade? That’s okay! You can give old clothes a new life by shopping at second-hand or exchange stores. A lot of items are even unworn, so purchases can be real steals. You can even buy second-hand online at sites like ThredUp: not only do you get the shopping first-hand experience, but it also saves the hassle of sifting through disorganized racks and the frustration of not finding anything in your size (just make sure you use the right filters).


Love, style, and happy shopping,





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BY: Ashley Minooka

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