Tips to Smart Shopping


Fast Fashion. Cheap, trendy, beautiful, but with a definite dark side.

The hard truth is that fast fashion is unsustainable (to avid shoppers such as this author, being reminded of this is painful). The fashion industry is the second most polluting industry in the world (and only after oil), bad for laborers abroad, and contributes to landfills everywhere. A lot of donated clothing doesn’t get worn, and it turns out garments don’t decompose well.

Theoretically, we could all buy from fair-trade and sustainably-made fashion brands (we even have a blog post about it). Unfortunately, that’s not always possible on a college budget. The next best thing, is to shop smartly and selectively. By buying less and only what you really, really want/need, you can not only reduce your impact (i.e. fewer things go into the landfill), but also save your money. 

Without further ado, here are some questions to ask yourself before giving into ~The Impulse Buy~:

  1. Do I really like this style, or will I get tired of it in a week?
    1. **If you can, deliberate on the item for a few days. If you still really want it after three days of waiting, it’s probably worth it.
  2. Is it comfortable? (hint: every time you say “no, it’s not comfortable but I’ll wear it anyway.” Surprise, you probably won’t wear it.)
  3. Do I already have something like this?
  4. Alternatively, will it work well with the other things I have in my wardrobe?
  5. Will I wear it more than 30 times?

Love, smarts, and savings,



BY: Ashley Minooka

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