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Why is everyone cutting their hair all of a sudden? What is getting everyone to cut, modify, and style their hair into this phenomenal length? Lob is the answer! It is almost a guarantee that there is at least one star on the red carpet, one girl on a street corner, or one girl in your classroom, all styling the lob. Today, let’s talk about lob and discover its possibilities!

“Lob” is short for long bob, which can work for all kinds of face shapes.


  1. If you have a circle face, like Selena,  you can split your hair half and half. This split will reshape your face by showing only the very front of your face, which visually makes your face look smaller. hbz-celeb-bobs-02



2. If you have a square face, either a shorter lob like Miranda and Emma, or a longer lob like Rose could go really well. For Miranda, she chooses a curly hairstyle with a 1:9 split on the top. This is a very smart choice because her face is relatively wide, but this look makes it look slimmer. For Rose, her face looks longer and more defined with her high cheekbones, so the straight hair smooths these pointy areas on her face.




3.If you have an oval face, you basically have an advantage of having any of the choices with your lob. Just an easy slipping-back, like Hilary from the second picture below, could make you look fresh with a slight touch of French beauty.




4. If you have a diamond face, you also have a free choice of hairstyles. Kristen shows how a cool girl freely wears her hair up like a messy bun with some clips, but Jessica shows a completely different, elegant lady look with a simple wave dangling in the front of the face. 



5. If you have a heart face, you should consider a shoulder length as the best choice. Emilia’s hairstyle is one of the most common for those who have a lob. The bottom curl is easy to do with a straightener. If you wake up late one day and still want to look great, grab your straightener, pick up the lower ends of you hair, and rotate the straightener for a few times. Voila, your Emilia-lob hair is created within 5 minutes! hbz-bobs-lobs-emilia-clarke54bc049434544_-_hbz-bob-lob-olivia-munn


Be chic, and get your lob!


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