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During this season, college students are running into the circles of midterms and due dates, so how do you gather yourself in the morning and look great for the day? With just a sweatshirt and a pair of leggings, you can still look fresh and chic!


1. Add a jacket


Let’s look at Kendall’s outfit above. She wears an ordinary sweatshirt, but a classic black leather jacket defines Kendall’s natural cool sense.


sweatshirt look 2

If you have a blazer, don’t only wear it when you are asked to. Wear it with a sweatshirt or a hoodie because it goes incredibly well with it! We usually think a blazer only goes with a button-down shirt, but when matching it with a sweatshirt, the style is neither too official nor too casual.


2. Wear a skirt!

Street Style Model Of Duty Kenzo Sweaters 2

A skirt is really not hard to think of, though some girls just do not like them. However, it is a great match for all kinds of sweatshirts. For those who do not mind to show their beautiful legs, skirts are great choices!



And for those who do not prefer to show their legs, long skirts are your choice! This image offers an extra tip on choosing your clothes because the sweatshirt is oversized! Visually, an oversized sweatshirt goes great with a long skirt. 


3. Easy Jewelry


Accessories can really make a simple look unique and stylish. Just remember a silver necklace works better with a silver bracelet, and similarly for rose gold and gold. The same color of the metal makes your look more complete!


Hope you can use our tips to add to your every day outfit!

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