Fashion and Individuality



Fashion represents the interpretation of beauty and its creativity.  Apart from the common sense of dressing stylishly, fashion is a language that shows individuality. When I talked about fashion with one of my girlfriends today, she agreed that she dresses in a way to best voice herself. What one thinks is beautiful does not have to be exactly the same as someone else. Fashion is not to blend in with the majority. Every woman has her standard of fashion and beauty. As long as she feels comfortable and confident in what she is wearing, she is beautiful.


Whether it is on the runway or on the way to work, whether it is a magazine shoot or a street shoot, the best look belongs to someone who truly thinks what she wears suits her and gives her power. Sometimes, we tend to think that showing skin on a woman’s body is provocative, but we should remember at the same time that it is also a personal choice, and it could even be seen as empowering and self-asserting.


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