Platform Sneakers: Step up your fashion game

A good sneaker is vital to any wardrobe.  Sneakers are the backbone, the old and the reliable, the trusted friend that is always there.  As the fashion world runs its cycle of innovation and reinvention, platform sneakers are the new addition needed in your closet. Old Skool Vans and classic Converse high tops are getting a lift with an extra inch of rubber to their soles. Retro slip ons are taking the shelves with decadent embroidery, mesh fabrics, and faux fur pom-poms.  A classic lace up sneaker is urbanized with the addition of a frayed-jute espadrille trim.
The sneaker trend is furthered through the growing popularity of athleisure.  People are dressing up their sneakers by adding fitted jackets and blazers to their typical jean look.  Sneakers are seen being worn with sun dresses and shorts more so than sandals.  While in fall and approaching the winter season, a great pair of platform sneakers should be on the top of anyone’s shopping list.  Due to their versatility, sneakers will continue to be a staple and with the continuation of ever changing styles it is safe to say that one can really never have too many sneakers.  Screen Shot 2017-10-16 at 3.52.09 PMSteve Madden Glen Slip- On
Screen Shot 2017-10-16 at 3.49.09 PMConverse Platform High Top (Urban Outfitters)
Screen Shot 2017-10-16 at 8.01.04 PMVince Camuto Jinnie Platform
shopping Superga Platform Sneaker

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